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Pubblication: Generation, optimization and characterization of novel anti-prion compound.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 28, Issue 21, 1 November 2020, 115717

Jan 02-2020:EDASA Scientific launches a new product, the "96 Pre-plated 5mg set"

In order to speed up and economize the Hit Generation process, especially for novel targets, where no known ligand as yet been identified, we have tailored 96 pre-plated diverse sets of drug-like compounds in 5mg quantity each, dry powder, purity > 95%, the first and last columns empty. Ideal for academic groups and small biotech at their first screening experiences.  SDF files available for evaluation upon request.

Sep 12-2019: EDASA Scientific launches a new compound library, "The Matrix Library"

An ideal screening set of 8000 unique proprietary drug-like compounds, conform to RO5, Ghose and Veber filters, and with pre-calculated bioavailability parameters. Highly diverse with clear and cost-effective follow-up chemistry plans. SDF file is available upon request.

Apr 08-2018 - Conference

EDASA Scientific is going to attend and exhibit at Innovation in Desing and acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries - Boston, USA - May 18th, 2018.

You are welcome at our booth!

Oct 21, 2017: Namiki Shoji Co.-EDASA Scientific Collaboration

Namiki Shoji Co.-EDASA Scientific Collaboration

EDASA Scientific and Namiki Shoji Co. partners for your profit – We serve you to serve Science!

EDASA Scientific (  a Medicinal Chemistry Contract Research Organization and Namiki Shoji Co. ( ) a well-established Trading Company involved in Marketing Pharmaceuticals, Compounds for Drug Discovery, Intermediates, and Health Foods; and providing various Compound Biological Evaluation Services are pleased to announce their synergic partnership. Namiki Shoji Co, will act as EDASA Scientific representative in the Japanese Market.

Dr Andrea Altieri, EDASA Scientific Corporative Public Relationship Director said “We are very fashioned by the Japanese culture and world and since our first contact with Namiki Shoji Co, we felt very comfortable in interacting with such reliable partner that complementary matches our need and we are very proud to have entered the Japanese Marked. By rendering available our chemistry know how to Namiki Shoji Co, we hope to give our contribute to the Japanese chemistry research community and to serve the Japanese chemical market.  We are very delighted to stroke this win-win collaboration with Namiki Shoji Co.  

Contact Persons:


Tomoko Ezawa

EDASA Scientific:

Andrea Altieri, PhD


Aug 15, 2017 Publication:​

Once again EDASA Scientific small molecule compound arrays have demonstrated to be a valuable tool for generating drug-like hit compounds. We are proud to celebrate the performance of our compounds with this new article in collaboration with the Universities of Trieste, Perugia and Moscow:

A Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Prion Replication and Mutant Prion Protein Toxicity



January 10, 2017 News:

EDASA Scientific is pleased to launch the TSP2 Technology, an original and versatile tool for a rapid and cost effective realization of customized and novel lead-like compound arrays. 

For more information, you are welcome to inquire at


October 1, 2016: EDASA Scientific New Office

EDASA Scientific has moved Head Office in a new and dynamic business park: АВС-Estate Business Park - Ordzhonikidze ul. 11, 11 office 10 - 119119 Moscow – Russia


July 26, 2016 Publication:

Fragment-Based Discovery of 5-Arylisatin-Based Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 13

July 12, 2016 Publication:

Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2016 – DOI: doi:10.1016/j.ejmech.2016.06.041

Bicyclic octahydrocyclohepta[b]pyrrol-4(1H)one derivatives as novel selective anti-hepatitis C virus agents



Nov 20, 2015 - EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at Drug Discovery Chemistry 2016

EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at Drug Discovery Chemistry 2016 San Diego, USA - April 19-22, 2016.

You are welcome at our booth!


Nov 6, 2015 - EDASA Scientific launches Enantio & Diastero controlled syntheisis services

EDASA Scientific launches Enantio & Diastero controlled syntheisis services

  • Enantio & diastereo controlled synthesis

  • Chiral resolution

  • Chiral auxiliaries & chiral organocatalyst

  • Enantio biocatalysts

Multi-year experience in asymmetric synthesis. An experienced team of 15 chemists ready to give you a hand to solve your chiral chemistry problems. All supported by a stock pool of chiral auxiliaries and chiral reagents.

Would you like to learn more about our capacity and business model?

  Please enquire at

April 11, 2015 Publication:

Eur. J. Med. Chem. 2015 – DOI:  doi:10.1016/j.ejmech.2015.04.022

Discovery of the 2-Phenyl-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-1H-indole as a Novel Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Targeting Scaffold

Ivan A. Andreev et al

March 3, 2015 - EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at Drug Discovery Chemistry 2015

EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at Drug Discovery Chemistry 2015 San Diego, USA - April 21-23, 2015.

EDASA Scientific T-Shirt and Mugs Prize Draw extracted from all the Business Cards dropped at our booth box! 

You are welcome to visit our booth!

January 28, 2015 Publication:

Chem. Eur. J. 2015 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201405811

Synthesis of Bicyclic Proline Derivatives by the Aza-Cope–Mannich Reaction: Formal Synthesis of (+/-)-Acetylaranotin

Dmitry S. Belov, Nina K. Ratmanova, Ivan A. Andreev, and Alexander V. Kurkin 


October 2014. EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at the Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of SRC & KVCV

EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at the Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of SRC & KVCV - Braine-L'Alleud, Belgium - November 21, 2014 -New Vistas in GPCR Research: the Dawn of an Exciting Drug Discovery Era?  

You are welcome to visit our booth!


August 2014, Article: Strategic MedChem Reagents for a Judicial Design of Focused Compound Arrays

Outsourced Pharma Drug Discovery Article | August 22, 2014



EDASA Scientific Exhibiting at MedChem & CADD-2014

EDASA Scientific is going to Present and Exhibit at Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Designing on December 08-10, 2014 San Francisco, USA. You are welcome to visit our booth


April 12, 2014 - News: EDASA Scientific rise reserch funds

Today EDASA Scientific LTD, a Medicinal Chemistry CRO is pleased to announce that in a joint effort with an American based biotech, they successfully manage to raise government funds for a 5 Years drug discovery research program in the antiviral field.

EDASA Scientific will not retain any IP and will act solely as a service organization.  EDASA Scientific is crucially playing a role in the project with the medicinal chemistry optimization of the current active new chemical entity into an ideal compound candidate for clinic development.

Dr Altieri, EDASA Scientific Bus. Dev. Director said:

“This represents a remarkable milestone for EDASA Scientific, which will ultimately position the company as a specialist in the Viral Drug Discovery Area, as well as be a reliable partner for Led Optimization Projects.

Moreover, it demonstrates the efficiency of our flexible business model and our real capability fund in rising with joint projects from our clients and collaborators.

Having the program funded for 5 years certainly contributes to the company growth and stability as well as give the ability to EDASA Scientific to have a better vision in the Medicinal Chemistry CRO Market”

References are available upon request. 


April 1, 2014 - EDASA Scientific is goign to attend at the fifth European Workshop in Drug Synthesis (EWDSy)

EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit and Sponsor the fifth European Workshop in Drug Synthesis (EWDSy) - Siena May 19-23. You are welcome to visit our booth


March 3, 2014 - EDASA Scientific renders available a traning set of Known Drugs upon request

EDASA Scientific is pleased to share, free of charge, with our client and collaborators our training set of known small molecule drugs for drug design and compound modelling. Feel free to request it at – SDF format.


October 21, 2013 News:

EDASA Scientific SRL established its presence in Europe.

Moscow― September 25th, 2013 ― EDASA Scientific SRL (, a scientific contract research organization that specializes in medicinal and agrochemical research announced the opening of it's new Italian site, based in San Salvo. EDASA Scientific SRL recently expanded with the new location in order to further continue exploring collaborative European opportunities for basic medicinal discovery research, European drug discovery networking, access to European scientific research founds, and to better meet the logistic essentials for all European consumers.

For networking opportunities, please contact us at:

June 25, 2013 News:

EDASA Scientific is going to Exhibit at RICT 2013 - Nice July 3-5. You are welcome to visit out booth

May 24, 2013 News:

EDASA Scientific Reagents are now available for searches from ChemSpider

April 4, 2013 News:

We are pleased to announce that EDASA Scientific Reagents are now also available for docking and virtual screening purposes in the ZINC_Database .

January 25, 2013 News:

In order to facilitate our clients' access to EDASA reagents we are actively and constantly pursuing partnerships aimed at expanding the web availability of our compound repertory.
Indeed, we are pleased and proud to announce that as of today, 25th January 2013, the EDASA reagents are also available in MolPort, one of the largest and the most popular public reagent databases

January 16, 2013 Publication:

Synthesis of 4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-1H-indole Derivatives Through Successive Sonogashira Coupling/Pd-Mediated 5-endo-dig Cyclization

Eur. J. Org. Chem. | Kurkin et al. DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201201417



December 18, 2012 News:

We are pleased to announce that EDASA Scientific has adhered to the Mobile Reagent Database initiative of generating an on-line Smartphone compound database repertory. Since January 2013 the whole EDASA electronic compound catalogue will be accessible for our Collaborators and Clients directly from their Smartphone!


November 30, 2012 Update:

1734 NEW reagents release. Download (SDF)


October 31, 2012 Publication:

Highly Stereoselective and Scalable Synthesis of trans-Fused Octahydrocyclohepta[b]pyrrol-4(1H)-ones via the Aza-Cope−Mannich Rearrangement in Racemic and Enantiopure Forms

J. Org. Chem. | Kurkin et al.

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