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EDASA Scientific

Add value to your compounds with us

Test Tubes

Outsoursing with EDASA Scientific

EDASA Scientific is a Medicinal Chemistry service organization with an experienced team specialized in the design and realization of focused compound arrays against specific biological targets. EDASA Scientific matured solid bases in the H2L sector, achieving top international publications, and fully committed to adding very important and special value to your compounds. 

EDASA Scientific is equipped with

  • Computational & Molecular Modeling Dep.

  • MedChem Lab

  • Analytical Department

  • Formatting Department

  • International Logistic Department

  • External ADME/Tox / BBB Partners

Копия Test%20Tubes_edited.jpg
Lab Experiment

Why EDASA Scientific?

Exclusive access to EDASA unique strategic reagents and chemical space.

Multi-years experience in Lead Optimization problems and lead progression into preclinical candidates

Tandem combination of computational drug design and medchem lab

Trackable records of successful projects

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